19 February 2016

During the past three days, a particular priest kept appearing to me. On the third day he approached me and said. “Valentina, I keep coming to you but you don’t take too much notice of me.”

I said, “I don’t know what it is that you want.”

The Priest said, “Well, I keep coming to you so you can see that I need your help.”

He appeared to be very restless, coming and going, in and out of my house and constantly talking.

He said, “Since I was a priest, you should give me a little privilege.”

I said, “I don’t even know who you are and what you want.”

He just kept talking and talking. He was very restless and confused.

I said, “I will start praying for you.”

I didn’t ask for his name. Today, I offered him at the Holy Mass and continued to pray for him.

Some Holy Souls that were priests, usually tell me the reason for their suffering, and what they want from me. They even give me their names. This particular priest just kept talking and assumed that I knew what he needed.

In my heart I felt that it was a big effort for him to come to me. He came three days in a row. He said, “I had to travel from afar to come to you. You don’t know the effort I made to come and see you and yet you ignore me.”

He kept talking and complaining about how I ignored him.

A Holy Soul in Purgatory generally dies with the habits he or she had on earth, and which caused them to sin. There are sections of Purgatory where the Holy Souls are still tormented by the devil, in the form of animals and reptiles, taunting them but unable to touch them. These Souls died attached to their sins, that is, they were unrepentant.

During one vision, I saw a big snake trying to come down and attack the Souls. I was scared. Nearby, I could see three angels talking to some souls. The Angels were all dressed in the same light navy colour as if in a guard’s uniform. I called out to them, “Guards, quick, there is a snake here!”

One of the Angels instantly came and said, “Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, they are not allowed to touch the Souls, they can only torment them.”

I was so anxious to get out of this place, but the snake was immediately in front of me. I was so frightened. The Angel said, “I will walk with you.” Together, we walked out of this building straight past the snake.

The Angel said, “See, nothing happened to you.”