21 February 2016

Throughout the night and until early morning I was constantly seeing many, many souls come into my bedroom, approach me and ask me for help.

One soul that stood out amongst this group was that of a young girl, between the age of 8 and 10 years. She was running back and forth, in and out of my bedroom. Her hair was neatly plaited at the back her head. She approached me and said, “I was stealing fruit, and anything that I could find to survive.”

These people looked like they were from an African country. They were persecuted and had to flee. They were killed by rebels. They told me they tried to go to the refugee camps to escape the danger, but in the end they were captured and killed.

I had never seen so many Holy Souls together. There must have been hundreds and hundreds of them. They were slaughtered and killed.

The little girl said, “Lady, we don’t know where to go. We are very confused. Help us to go to the Light.”

The little girl was the only one in the group that could speak English. They understood the meaning of the Light. They wanted to go to the Light as they had already gone through a lot of suffering.

Our Lord appeared to me and said, “My child, these people have come to ask you for help. They have been through a terrible ordeal of suffering while they were living on earth.”

Our Lord said, “Today, I would like you to go to St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta for Holy Mass, which will be a High Mass celebrated by Father Peter Williams. Offer Me all these people at the foot of the Holy Altar so that I can cover them with My Precious Blood and purify them as they died unprepared.”

Since they have had such a difficult life on earth, a life of poverty and persecution, our Lord has given them a great privilege to be remembered at this Holy Mass, for the salvation of their souls.

Later that morning, during Holy Mass, our Lord said, “It is so good that you have come to offer up these Souls to Me. Pray for them. Thank you My child for obeying Me to fulfil My Will.”

Our Lord also said to me, “Tell your friends that I am still very offended by the world. I am not happy with the way that humanity behaves. People are unrepentant. My children, please console Me.”

Our Lord said, “With everything you are going through in your lives, with all your ups and downs, offer them all up to Me My children. Don’t carry your burdens. In this way you console Me. Think of how much I have to suffer for the world. My children, think of My Passion. I want you to contemplate My suffering. How much I suffer to redeem you all.”

Towards the end of Mass, two Angels dressed in white appeared above the Altar. Our Lord appeared between them in a brilliant white tunic. He appeared as the Resurrected Christ. He was happy, He raised up and extended His Holy Hands and blessed the people in the church.

Thank You Lord Jesus for blessing us. Have mercy on us.