17 March 2023

Feast of St Patrick

During the Holy Mass, our Lord appeared with St Patrick.

Our Lord Jesus said, “Today, you all celebrate the Feast of St Patrick in Heaven and in all the churches on earth. I want to tell you that he was a great saint while living on earth and a good teacher of the faith to all people, and everyone loved him.”

“He also loved Me very much and was always obedient and truthful to Me. For being so loyal to Me, I raised him in Heaven and made him a great Saint.”

St Patrick stood near our Lord Jesus, joyful and smiling as our Lord spoke about him. He was wearing a long white robe with a gold embroidered green vestment.

St Patrick said, “Valentina, pray very much for the churches on earth because they are very much persecuted all over the world.”

“Ask me to intercede for them because I am placed in Heaven to do that, especially the churches that offend our Lord Jesus very much. He is so sad about everything He sees—so much sacrilege, irreverence and abuses in His Church in His Holy Presence. Just think about how much He suffered and died for all of you and for His Holy Church because that is His Body. The devil thinks he will ruin everything, but he will not succeed.”

“The Holy Church will go down further, but it will never be destroyed completely. Our Lord will raise her again—even more beautiful. He will purify His church and His shepherds. They will be perfect and truthful. Honouring our Lord Jesus like never before. But this will not come that quickly. It will still take some time but do not give up hope.”

“Pray very much for the wounded Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. Have hope and trust in our Lord Jesus.”

Thank you, my Lord Jesus and St Patrick, for giving us encouragement.

After I wrote down this message, suddenly, Blessed Mother appeared, and she started to shed tears. Especially from her right eye, a huge tear poured down her cheek,

So sad at seeing our Blessed Mother crying, I said, “Oh, Blessed Mother, you are crying!”

Blessed Mother responded, “Valentina, you too would cry if you would see how my Son is so offended, and He sheds His Tears in Heaven. Humanity does not realise they offend the Majesty of My Son in Heaven.”

I made the Sign of the Cross and prayed in honour of the Tears of our Sorrowful and Holy Mother.