12 March 2023

Rotten Fruit is produced by Souls in the Mud of Sin

Today, while praying my morning prayers, the angel came and took me to meet the Lord Jesus in Heaven. The angel said, “Our Lord wants to see you.”

We came to a beautiful heavenly garden where there were saintly ladies. I found myself sitting beside one of the ladies. She was seated to my left. I was amazed at her glowing, luminous eyes. She was so beautiful.

Our Lord then came and sat next to me on my right. He looked sad and concerned. I was now sitting between the two of them.

I noticed the saintly lady lean forward, wanting to speak to our Lord. I looked from one to the other and said to our Lord, “Lord, my friend would like to talk to You.” Our Lord did not respond right away as He was in deep thought. Looking at our Lord, the saintly lady asked Him, “Lord, I thought you know me?”

He immediately came out of His deep thoughts and answered, “Of course, I know you. It is just that I Am concerned for the world.”

She asked our Lord, “Lord, how is the world these days since we are praying for it. Is it better? Is it improving?”

Our Lord was very worried when He answered, “Not better, but worse. It is not in a good state. It can be compared to rotten fruit, such as oranges, when they go off and become rotten, they become very smelly. Imagine a truck full of rotten oranges spilling onto the road, and people walking all over them, sinking into them, because they carry sin within them. They never confess their sins nor do they repent, but continue accumulating mud in their souls, and they live dangerously without God and without repentance.”

“Valentina, please warn people not to live carefreely but to think of their salvation and tell them not to be afraid to approach Me. I Am very gentle and kind, and I Am willing to help everyone when they come to Me.

“My child Valentina, do you see how concerned I Am for humanity? I want everyone to come to the Light. People like to live in the darkness. Many things are happening and unfolding, and you are all living dangerously. I continuously warn you of this danger.”

“It is better to always be in a state of grace, and then you have nothing to worry about but to trust Me.”

“Be at peace and spread My Holy Word,” said our Lord.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on this stubborn humanity.