10 March 2023

My Experiences with the Soul of the Late Queen Elizabeth II

The following messages are about my experiences with the soul of the late Queen Elizabeth, who died on 8 September 2022. Our Lord gave me the privilege to help the Queen on her journey and deliver her spirit to Him for her judgement.


Diana appears in a Vision

(Message Received 31 August 2022)

In the morning, I had a vision. I found myself in a church where there were a few people, and I could see they were waiting for a priest to come and celebrate Mass. Suddenly, the late Princess Diana walks in with two little boys walking on either side of her, holding each one by their hand. One boy was a little taller than the other.

Surprised, I thought, ‘Oh, Diana is here.’

She was wearing a beautiful long white dress falling to the ground. The two little boys were both dressed in a light colour.

She walked with the two boys towards a side door and opened it. I stood up and followed her. Looking through the door, to my surprise, I could see Prince William lying in a double bed by himself. He was covered and seemed to be sleeping. He appeared to be the same age as he is now.

Diana was very serious and not happy at all.

She said to her son, “William! What are you doing? Are you sleeping?”

“Mum, no, I’m not sleeping. I’m just resting,” he replied.

“Don’t sleep! There is no time to sleep. You have to wake up!” she said in an urgent tone.

I stood beside her, thinking, ‘But who are these little boys? Maybe they are her guardian angels.’

I only saw William and did not see Harry.

Our Lord sent Diana, and she came to warn her son William.

Today was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.


Guiding the Queen

(Message Received 9 September 2022)

At night, just before I fell asleep, I prayed to our Lord Jesus and asked Him to help everybody and to bless them. Then, throughout the night, I experienced extreme pain in my leg. I was tossing and turning, tossing and turning. I could not sleep. Then at about six o’clock in the morning, I found myself in a garden, all green. The weather looked dull and dreary. I was standing on higher ground, and some distance below me, on the other side of this garden, I saw a lady walking on her own.

I said to myself, “I wonder who is that lady?

All of a sudden, I could see that she looked familiar, but I was not sure who she was. She wore a checked skirt and a cardigan that was darker in colour than the skirt and a scarf tied tightly under her chin. She seemed to be struggling to find her way in this garden, unable to find her way to the other side. I watched as she started walking in another direction to try to go around it.

The angel directed me to help her. I called out to her and said, “Excuse me, no need to go that far up because it’s a long way.”

I walked across the garden, and as I got closer, I again called out to her and said, “Wait a minute! Wait for me! I’ll open the gate for you, and you can go through there. Don’t go around because it’s a long way to go. It will be shorter this way. I know where to take you.”

She stopped, and she waited for me to come closer to her. I then realised the lady was Queen Elizabeth II. She looked like she was of mature age but not old. As I greeted her, I did not say Her Majesty; I just said, “Hello!”

“Come this way,” I said. “I will take you the short way. I will direct you.”

She was humble and sad, saying, “Oh, thank you. I don’t know where to go.”

She followed me as we walked through the garden towards a gate. I opened the gate, and we walked through, leaving the garden, and then continued along a very narrow passage of a road, which was clean, like a country lane. At the end of this passage stood a red brick house, a relatively large house. We walked towards it and entered.

As we stepped inside, we saw quite a few people. Amongst them, one lady stood out, wearing a beautiful all-white gown, and she was glowing. Immediately I knew she was a heavenly being, as were all the others present. This lady approached the Queen and cheerfully said to her, “Come in! Come in! We are waiting for you.”

Situated in this room were some chairs and a simple brown wooden table.

The lady asked the Queen to sit at the table. She did so, sitting near the corner edge of the table. I stood beside her. In a way, I had delivered the Queen to them.

The lady in the white gown was talking to the Queen, telling her many things, explaining where she would have to go, and assuring her that everything would be alright. The other heavenly beings were listening. The Queen was smiling and responding to what the lady was telling her. I stood back a little, not wanting to be too curious to hear everything they were saying.

Suddenly, the Queen stood up and followed the lady in white. Some of the other people followed them. The Queen looked quite cheerful and happy. They opened a door, and the Queen and those accompanying her walked through it. I did not see her anymore.

There were some people left behind. I said to them, “Wow, a queen was sitting on this chair. I would like to sit on her chair.”

However, as I looked down at the chair, I noticed some grey dust on the seat. It was very dry, like dirt.

I thought to myself, ‘Oh, it’s a little bit dirty, and she didn’t even know she was sitting on it, but maybe it wasn’t there before she sat on it, but now it is.’

When I looked again, I thought, ‘Uh oh! The dirt does not represent that she did not see what was there, but that she herself left the grey dirt behind.’

Beside the chair was a pit of water which I didn’t like the look of. It was in a reasonably large round container. The water was kind of dark and unclean. I looked at the water and thought, ‘Oh, that water doesn’t look too good. Maybe it represents a sickness and has to be purified.’

Again, I looked down at the chair and decided to sit on it anyway. The grey dirt must have represented the Queen’s sins, which need to be purified.

As soon as I sat on the chair, I immediately found myself back in my bedroom.

I did not know yet that the Queen had died. I thought maybe I was seeing her because she was not feeling well, and I had to pray for her.

Later in the morning, my grandson came to tell me, “Nan, they said Queen Elizabeth had just died.”

Stunned and confused, I exclaimed, “What? The Queen has died?”

It was like an hour before that I saw her spirit. It looks like I had to offer her, take her and direct her there, and then the heavenly people did the rest.

I went back to my room and reflected on my experience with the Queen. She was a humble, simple person. It was unbelievable; she was on her own. No one was with her. While praying my morning prayers, I thought, ‘No matter how famous you are, who you are, rich or poor, you are on your own. When you die, you are on your own.’

Later our Lord said to me, “I want you to offer Me Queen Elizabeth at the Mass. Pray for her.”

This morning, I asked, “Lord, is it possible that I had done that?”

He responded, “You have done that because I permitted you, and you delivered her spirit to Me. You opened the gate for her to walk through. So, you lead her. Every soul that dies is confused and does not know where to go.”

I asked our Lord, “Lord, is the Queen safe? Will she be alright?”

Our Lord answered, “She is safe, but she has to spend a little time in Purgatory because while living on earth, she had many duties, but she did not fulfil them all as a Queen. That will be for a short time, and then she will reunite with her family and rejoice with them. She will be ever so happy.”


There Will Be Peace During the Mourning Period for the Queen

(Message Received 11 September 2022)

Our Lord Jesus said, “Did you notice how peaceful it is during the Queen’s mourning period that I give special grace to the world, so there will not be too much crime, but after that, it will return to normal.”

He said, “While the Queen was alive, there weren’t too many problems nor trouble in the world, but from now on, it will be different. For the time being, I have suspended all the problems being planned by the devil, but this is just for the time being while people are mourning the Queen.”

Comment: Things will definitely be different once they bury the Queen and go back to normal. See, God can suspend anything.


Queen Elizabeth’s Face Appears During My Prayers

(Message Received 12 September 2022)

On another night, before the funeral, Queen Elizabeth’s spirit kept manifesting in front of me while I was reading the Bible. I could see her smiling, radiant face appearing, then disappearing and reappearing in front of me. This lasted for about a minute. I sensed she was seeking my prayers, as if she was saying, ‘Don’t leave me out. Pray for me.’ A reminder.


Queen Elizabeth with her children Charles and Anne

(Message Received 14 September 2022)

During my prayers in the early morning, our Lord said to me, “I will give you extra suffering to help Queen Elizabeth so that you can help her spiritually.”

He said, “I would like very much that you would offer her at the foot of the Altar during the Mass so that she will benefit greatly from the Holy Mass.”

Then our Lord added, “You should be very privileged that I choose you to do that.”

At night when I finished my prayers, I turned off the light. Suddenly an immense pain came over my leg. It was burning like fire. It was so unbearable. I asked our Lord, “Oh Lord, please make it better.” I repeated this request, but He did not respond.

Then around five o’clock in the morning, all of a sudden, the angel appeared and said, “Come with me. Our Lord has sent me to take you away with me.”

I did not know where we were going, as the angels would usually take me to Purgatory. We suddenly found ourselves in a forest. Walking through this forest, we came upon a large log and sitting on this log was Queen Elizabeth II. On her right side sat her son, Charles, while on her left sat her daughter Anne. I noticed they all looked happy as they were chatting with each other.

The Queen was embracing her two children with her arms around the two of them. All three of them seemed to be very happy.

I said to them, “Oh, hello.”

I asked them, “Where is the rest of the Royal Family?”

Queen Elizabeth answered, “No, it’s only the three of us, and we are very happy together.”

The moment the Queen said these words, it hit my heart, ‘These are her children’s spirits, and they are with the Queen, but they are still alive!’

The angel responded to my thoughts by saying, “Pray very much for the Royal Family for their protection. There will be an attempt on their lives since there is so much evil in the world.”

The Queen was so happy embracing her two children. She was wearing a beautiful dress, white with a combination of pale blue. She was already in a better place in Purgatory than when I first saw her.

Our Lord had previously told me, “She will spend a little time in Purgatory because not everything she did was according to the Will of God.”

Our Lord was very pleased with her life and how she performed her duty, which is why she had a long reign and a long life. She was devoted to her husband, her family and the people. She had to endure all the embarrassments in public, which was a lot of suffering for her.

When the angel brought me back to my room, I was still in so much pain. The angel said, “A surprise is waiting for you. Our Lord chose you to go through all of this suffering. He wishes you to experience all of that, to help the Queen to grow spiritually on her journey to eternity.”

Suddenly, a golden shower poured from Heaven into my room. My room was full of pure gold, which is the strength and graces given to me by God. While this was happening, the pain in my leg subsided a little. With awe and amazement, I watched as the whole ceiling flowed with gold, every corner. It was pure, pure gold. It kept pouring and pouring and lasted for quite a long time.

I said, “Lord, above all people in the world, I am nothing, and You choose me to help people who are so high in the world.”

“I thank You, Lord, and I praise You for Your Love and Your Mercy.”

Our Lord said, “Do not look at these enormous gatherings and publicity that is going on. Pray, My child, pray. That is more essential than anything else in the world.”



Whether you are a King, a Queen, the most important person or the simplest, you stand by yourself, all alone before God when you die. You take nothing material with you, only what is in your soul, the good and bad deeds you do during your life, they go with you.

When you die, you are confused because you don’t know where to go, and you need guidance and direction to go to our Lord. It is beautiful when our Lord is guiding me, helping me and directing me to help another soul.

The spiritual is the most important, which guides you to eternity forever. It is so important for the soul that prayers and Holy Masses are offered for them. Offering one extra decade of the Holy Rosary for the Holy Souls is also good.

At the same time, you have this good feeling in your heart that you are participating in obeying the Will of God. This is all hidden from the world.


Queen Elizabeth Learns how Catholics Pray the Holy Rosary

(Message Received 16 September 2022)

Today, our prayer group gathered to pray the Cenacle Rosary.

In my heart, I prayed, “Blessed Mother, I offer this Holy Rosary for your intentions, especially for the Late Queen Elizabeth. I am sure she needs prayer.”

Suddenly, as we were mid-way through the Rosary prayers, I caught a glimpse of the spirit of Queen Elizabeth. Accompanied by an angel, she stood a little to the side of the Statue of Blessed Mother Mary. She was truly present, smiling and happy.

In my heart, I understood it was meant for the Queen to see how devoted we are to our Blessed Mother through the Holy Rosary. I could see she was very impressed by how Catholics offer their prayers to our Lord and our Blessed Mother. She was especially surprised at the devotion we give to Blessed Mother Mary, as this was all new to her.

I sensed a beautiful atmosphere of peace surrounding the prayer group. There was so much serenity in the church.


Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II

(Message Received 19 September 2022)

While watching the Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II broadcast live on television, I lit a candle and offered a Holy Rosary for her soul. I put the television volume right down so I could pray.

I said, “Blessed Mother, I offer this holy rosary for Queen Elizabeth, for her soul’s journey. May she rest in eternal peace.” After praying the whole rosary, I prayed the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The next morning, while saying my prayers, Queen Elizabeth II again appeared in my room. She looked normal, beautiful, much younger, and so happy, wearing a light-coloured dress.

Joyfully, she said, “Valentina, I come to tell you something very beautiful I experienced. Thank you for your prayers.” I could see that she was really grateful.

She said, “Do you know, when the procession was moving through London, a flash of light suddenly came from Heaven, and it shook my coffin so powerfully. Would you believe it shook me, my body, and then suddenly, it’s like waking up, and at that moment, I found myself slowly walking with my children in the procession behind my coffin. It was such a beautiful feeling. I cannot explain to you how thrilled and happy I was walking with them. This was such a joy for me, and I am so grateful to my children for everything they organised and to the people, of course.”


Queen Elizabeth still attached to her Jewels

(Message Received 16 December 2022)

This morning while I was praying, the angel came and took me to a particular place in Purgatory.

As we descended to this place, suddenly, we saw the soul of the late Queen Elizabeth. The angel and I stood there watching her. She smiled at me as if she knew me.

She was sitting at a table, and I could see Kate, her grandson, William’s wife, opposite her. They were facing each other. Queen Elizabeth held some pieces of jewellery in her hands. I could see brooches, rings and necklaces all encrusted with fine jewels. While talking to Kate, she was giving her the jewels.

Kate would accept the jewels, and then I watched as the Queen pulled them back to herself, not letting go of them.

The angel said, “She gives the jewellery to Kate, but then she takes it back because she is still attached to it.”

I watched as she repeated this over and over again. I understood that this was her penance in Purgatory, and it will remain her penance until she can completely let go of her jewellery.


Late Queen Elizabeth among the Souls at Holy Mass

(Message Received 8 January 2023)


Today during the Holy Mass, near the Altar, I could see many souls waiting to be offered up to our Lord. Among them was the Late Queen Elizabeth. She was smiling. The souls were all focused on the Altar, desiring to go to Heaven.

I thought to myself, ‘Look at that! The Queen!’ The following messages are about my experiences with the soul of the late Queen Elizabeth, who died on 8 September 2022. Our Lord gave me the privilege to help the Queen on her journey and deliver her spirit to Him for her judgement.

I previously offered her at the Holy Mass.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for Your Mercy for the Holy Souls.


When you pray for Holy Souls, such as the Queen or any other person, and offer them to our Lord Jesus, that soul becomes so close to you because they know they can benefit from you. They stick to you like glue, waiting for your help to deliver them to God. They have such a big desire for God. They cannot depend on anything else but rely on the person who willingly suffers for them or helps them, but they are so grateful once they are in Heaven. They thank you and appreciate your help because our Lord reveals to them the person who helped them.

Our Lord tells them, “That person helped you. That is why you are here.”

It is not that you feel you are worthy, but the souls cannot help themselves. It is up to you to help them.

Blessed Mother said, “It is your duty to help one another. You are very close to one another.”

Some people do not care about helping souls, but it is very essential to help them because there are millions of souls who want to go to Heaven, and whether you know them or not, you will be rewarded in Heaven one day.

You see, the Queen relies on me, and she trusts me that I will help her, but of course, with the help of God. She would progress every time I prayed and offered up a Holy Mass for her soul.

If you pray for and help a person who has died, the soul is happy, but if you criticise or speak ill of them, it disturbs their soul, and they do not rest in peace and are sad. Our Lord Jesus is also affected when a soul is criticised.