8 March 2023

Heaven Pleads for more Prayer

After a night of terrible suffering, I started saying my prayers early in the morning. I first made the Sign of the Cross, and then I would start with the Rosary. Suddenly the angel appeared, and he was wearing a blue uniform, pants, a jacket, and a lighter-shade striped top under his jacket.

The angel smiled, and he said, “Valentina, our Lord has sent me to take you with me.”

I didn’t know where he would take me, but at least I didn’t feel any pain at that moment.

Then the angel revealed, “We are going to visit the souls in Purgatory. The suffering you had was for them.”

Suddenly, the angel and I found ourselves with a little group of souls. They gathered around us, and they were so happy to see us.

Holy Michael said to the souls, “This is Valentina. She is suffering for you. She suffered for you a lot, and she prayed for you all.”

They were listening to Holy Michael.

The souls were happy and greatly appreciated that someone would help them.

Then all of a sudden, one of the souls started to tell me, “Do you know there is a bear that appeared in Medjugorje?”

Surprised, “A bear?” I said.

“What was a bear doing in Medjugorje?” I asked them, as I had never heard of this before.

The souls said, “This bear was repeating the words, from morning to night, ‘Hail Mary Full of Grace, Hail Mary Full of Grace’, over and over again, without ceasing. He was going around the villages and surrounding areas. He repeated this for six days, but on the seventh day, he disappeared and never came back.”

Then the angel said, “People do not take notice of what Blessed Mother is saying to them, to pray the Holy Rosary. She pleads with people in the world to pray the Rosary. That is their salvation. People no longer take notice of what Heaven is telling them, so now our Lord Jesus sent a bear, an animal, to tell people to pray.”

I said, “I have never heard of this before.”

The souls said, “Yes, the bear went from village to village for six days, but no one took any notice.”

While the souls were sharing this message with me, in a vision, I could see a big brown mountain bear. In Croatian, I heard him repeating unceasingly, “Zdravo Marija, milosti puna, Zdravo Marija, milosti puna.”

The bear was repeating this over and over, reminding people to pray to Blessed Mother. I watched the bear moving through the streets, from one street corner to the other, without stopping.

I watched this very tame bear going everywhere, begging for people to pray. He was trying to wake up people to tell them to pray. He did not eat for the whole time he was there. He came to fulfil his duty. He was not of this world. Our Lord sent him there since our Lord cannot get through to the people, so he sent a very strong animal, a spiritual symbol so that people might take notice of it. If the animal is pleading with the people, then something serious is in the world that only God knows. He is warning us of serious things that will happen if we do not pray.

Surprised, I thought, ‘I have never heard of anything like that before, especially in Medjugorje.’

The angel said, “Humans don’t obey, so the animal comes to proclaim and remind humanity that they must pray. Nothing is impossible for the Lord.”

When I returned to my room, I couldn’t get over what I had just experienced, seeing the bear. I didn’t expect to hear that there was a bear in Medjugorje. Medjugorje does not have any high mountains or forests. In my heart, our Lord revealed to me the bear represents a human being in disguise.

What amazed me was what the souls had said, “For six days, he was pleading, but on the seventh day, he completely disappeared and never came back.”

In my heart, I was immediately reminded of the Ten Commandments; we are to work for six days, and on the seventh day, Sunday, we do not work but go to church and worship God, which is what the bear had done. We are to keep holy thy Sabbath Day.