17th July, 2007

This morning, during consecration prayers to the Sacred Heart and the

. Immaculate Heart, thinking of everyone and of every country that came into my mind. I said to my Lord, “I include the whole world to You, my Lord, and may You be blessed, praised and loved by everyone who exists, You are the Lord of lords and Almighty King who 1 adore and love.”

That moment, when I stopped, I felt so very happy. Then in the next instant, mysterious things happened in my room. A horrible freezing wind came. Everything started to fly in the air. I was not able to move, and could only watch what was happening with this monstrous wind.

I could see within the wind, a black shadow, which I understood to be satan. There was a pile of typed messages on my dressing table and I could only watch them being tossed and spinning through the room. These were all our Lord’s words, which anger the evil one very much.,

I called the Blessed Mother over and over, “Blessed Mother, please come,” and I implored Jesus and Holy Archangel Michael to come and help. Nothing seemed to stop the anger and the papers were still flying in the air. I feared for the little statuettes of Jesus, Mary and Joseph that they might be broken, he was furious.

I started pleading Heaven again to help me.

Suddenly, the Holy Spirit appeared beside me in the form of a large white dove. He touched me gently on the cheek and stayed with me while the evil one continued raging for a short time longer and gradually peace came into the room.

I was very emotional and thanked our Lord over and over for coming to rescue me. During the storm, I feared that it would go into the rooms of my son and grandson, but our Lord would not permit this to happen.

I went to confession and Mass this day and thanked our Lord again for His protection. It proved beyond doubt that all these messages are genuine and was just another effort by the evil one to destroy them.

Thankyou, Lord Jesus, our Saviour. May Your will be done.