20th July, 2007

Today I was invited with my dear friends to one of their homes for prayer and a talk. This family had three beautiful boys aged 12, 16 and 18 years We all prayed and had a religious talk, including the messages. I thanked the Lord in the evening for bringing us together but it was not until the next morning, during prayer, that I had a beautiful vision. It was of the family I had visited the previous night.

The Angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, “I was sent to you to reveal about the three boys you met last night. I will show you a vision.”

In the vision, I saw in a garden next to the house, three standard roses growing one next to the other. They were green and fresh with large white blooms on the top. Each was covered with a light coloured lamp shade cover. I asked the Angel, “Why are these covers on top of the roses?”

The Angel replied, “They are there to protect the rose blooms. The mother of these three boys has rooted each one deeply into the ground, teaching them of the faith of God. That is why they are so pure and whit, and God is protecting them.”

“Oh!” I said to the Angel, “I had a very beautiful feeling about this family. I know their mother and father, and I am so happy for them.” The Angel was thanking and encouraging the mother for giving such a strong faith to the boys.

Congratulations S You are, in God’s eyes, a true Christian to pass

on the beautiful faith. May God bless you all.

Let this be a good example to all of us, especially young couples. Teach your children from a very young age about their faith and religion to know God and Jesus. Gradually it will stay with them and they won’t forget. I had the feeling that these three boys will grow up to join the Priesthood. I pray for many more in the future. Please teach them to know and love Jesus.

Thankyou Lord, for revealing to us all goodness and graces. We love You, Lord Jesus.