10th August, 2007

Today, our Lord Jesus said to me, “Think of My Passion and My Holy Cross that redeems you.”

“I reminded My Saints when they were still on earth to honour Me and to embrace their crosses and they were glad to accept it to fulfil My Holy Will.”

“My children, I guide you through your daily lives and hope you will offer Me some consolation for the world rebels against Me and offends Me so much.”

“F or this reason I send you from this country to that country and you are there to pray for others. I scatter My children all over the world so they can pray and together with your prayers and My grace, together we can save the world. Be happy and grateful that I do all this for you, My children. ”

“Be at peace, My children, I bless you.”

Thankyou, Lord Jesus, for revealing this encouragement to us.