15th August, 2007


Blessed Mother said to me, “Today you all celebrate a very special day. The day of My Assumption of body and soul into Heaven.”

“How happy I am for being glorified in the Heavenly home by all the Saints and Angels and all Heavenly beings. Constantly, they sing the most enchanting melodies and they give praise and thanksgiving to My Son Jesus, for Me to be the Mother of all.”

“Today many graces are poured on the souls in Purgatory and are lifted to Heaven. Sadly, many are left behind, sad because they need more prayers and penance from you all til they are totally clean of all stains to meet with God.”

I had also been lamenting to our Heavenly Mother about something bad which had happened to me. She said, “My child, I know you are sad for what has happened to you, and you tell your Mother, but have hope and trust in Me. Offer your suffering to My Son Jesus. This will greatly console Him. Think how much bitterness He tastes from the world every day.”

“He is so offended to see humanity living in such a sin. If you could only see the way We see, you would cry and be sad. A big black cloud covers the world. Even your scientists try to work out how to stop and change this environment problem. I tell you, nothing will change these weather disasters. They will only increase. God is in control. When will they realise it!?”

“Pray, pray, My children. Prayer is the only solution. Have hope. Jesus is the only one. I am the Mother of Hope and Consolation.

Who can help you but Jesus? Jesus is your salvation, no one else.”

Thankyou, Blessed Mother. Please help us and console us.