17TH OCTOBER, 2007

During prayer this morning, Our Lord Jesus and His Blessed Mother appeared to me.

Lord Jesus spoke, “Peace be with you, My child, fear not, it is I, your Lord.” “I come to reveal and explain why We asked you to announce the message We gave you for the 13th of October, to tell people to pray the Holy Rosary and to spread it. My Word was not accepted but rejected and shamefully ridiculed in public.” (This is referring to a priest in Berrima who instructed the people not to listen to the message and referred to false prophets).

Our Lord then said, “Fear not, My daughter, it was your courage and obedience that pleased Me the most and that counts in My eye and I see everything.”

“My priests and shepherds are very proud. They grow taller and taller and slimmer from being so proud and wicked. Pray for them.”

“Now I will reveal to you and show you why I urge you to pray, My children, the Holy Rosary. It is a weapon against all evil which is above you right now in this world.”

He then said, “Come, and I will show you what will happen in many countries in the near future. There will be revolutions in many countries, not many will be without. They will increase wars and fighting.”

In My spirit I was watching with our Lord Jesus. All was so real. He was taking me from one place to another. We walked. There was nothing but fighting and killing.

I said to the Lord, “This is horrible and depressing, so much misery. Why are You permitting all this to happen?”

Our Lord turned to me and said, “Man wants war. There is so much hate and evil and destruction. They are looking for any little thing to start it.”

I said, “Poor people.” I was so sad.

Our Lord embraced me, “I know, you are very compassionate but there is hope. If people listen and pray this all can be stopped. If not, this will still go ahead and go through war and in the end peace will come and a new beginning that I spoke of to you many times will happen. Have hope that it is coming soon.”

Our Lord Jesus was very sad when He showed me this revelation. “People don’t want to listen and mankind is so hateful one to another.”

For this reason, we must pray the Holy Rosary everyday.

Please grant us perseverance.