This morning, Blessed Mother appeared, holding the baby Jesus in Her arms. She was surrounded by many Angels.

I felt very happy, thinking about the Angels. The love of Jesus is so very tender towards us.

Holy Mary spoke, “My child, I come to urge you with a special request. If you would help Me to announce My request. More than ever before the world needs Holy Rosary prayer. The world is in a terrible state and is getting worse. Many leaders try to assure the people of peace and try and convince people, but, My children, in this hour the world is in much danger. Once again, I come to plead with you to pray.”

“I desire that you will fulfil the duty what I require of you. Will you attend Berrima on the 13th of October? Ask permission from the Priests there to speak for a few minutes of the request to tell My children that I desire very much for them to turn back to the Holy Rosary in daily prayer.”

“If they will listen and accept what I ask, that will obtain mercy and grace from Heaven not only for this country, but for the whole world.”

“I bless you and all the people who will be present here today and everywhere. ”

Thankyou, Blessed Mother. We love You and hope people will take heed of Your word.