18th September, 2007

An Angel came to me and said, “See the trouble you experience in the world today and all the disasters that are happening everywhere.”

“Compared to the environmental problems the governments are attempting to solve, I tell you that the chastisement has already begun. God is now chastising the world.”

“It will only get worse. Also, your economy is starting to fail and it will become worldwide. All this is happening for a reason. God can see the little people are suffering under these powerful rich people. God can hear’ the cry of the poor up in Heaven. There is no justice for them here on earth. The state of sin is grave and irreparable and uncontrollable. Everything is accepted in society and no one seems to care any more.”

“For this reason, you must pray and repent.”

We had better take this message very seriously, We cannot escape the chastisement but we can ease its effect by turning towards God’s mercy rather than placing ourselves under His judgement.