18 December 2022

During Holy Mass Lord Jesus embraces His Shepherd

Today I attended Holy Mass. After the Homily given by Father Chris, I said, “Lord, thank You for Father Chris, for him giving us such a good Homily.”

Our Lord answered almost instantly, “I will bestow many blessings and gifts upon him.”

I could see Lord Jesus standing beside Father Chris. He was much taller than him. Our Lord smiled, came up very close to him, embraced him and said, “He is My favourite shepherd, whom I love very much.”

I watched as our Lord embraced him, placing His Arm around Him, and Father Chris rested his head against our Lord.

As I was watching this vision, at that moment, what came to me in my heart: I compared Father Chris to the little Apostle John, whom our Lord loved very much.

Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, pray for Father Chris and for all the Bishops and Priests.”

Today Father Chris wore beautiful purple vestments with subtle gold embroidery all the way through. Our Lord was dressed very similar, almost the same, but the colours of our Lord’s vestments were much more vivid.

Father Chris to our Lord is like a young child whom our Lord is training, giving him Heavenly Gifts, nurturing and helping him, and giving him knowledge and wisdom to carry each day.

Lord Jesus, protect Father Chris and cover him in Your Most Precious Blood, and thank You for bestowing many gifts and blessings upon him.