18TH AUGUST, 1999

Today, when I was saying the Rosary, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Lord Jesus came to me.

They both spoke. They said, “Tell people to believe the signs which God sends to this earth and the miracles they see. We speak through privileged souls, whom God chose and to whom He gave the great grace
of announcing Our messages and of guiding people to conversion and faith, so that they may return to God. In many ways, even through pictures and statues, God gives signs, that some shed blood or cry bloody tears, others shed ordinary tears or oil.”

“Tell people, that never in history has there been so many apparitions of Us and so many signs, as now. Tell them to believe, that these are signs, so that people may come back to God, that they may be converted, do penance and pray for this sinful world. You know, My child, how
offended I am, and My Son also. I tell you as a mother tells her child.”

“If I appeared in front of all the priests and bishops and if I shed tears of blood and even if I spat on the ground in front of them for all to see, they would still doubt and wouldn’t believe. This offends Us very much, but
tell everybody, God is going ahead and nobody will stop Him, He is all- powerful. You see, the devil doesn’t allow people to believe. Blessed are those, who believe and are converted, woe to those, who doubt and ridicule all these signs. They will be answerable for everything before

At this point Lord Jesus said, “My faithful children, courage! I wish that you persevere with your prayers and efforts. I want you to abandon your earthly worries and steer away from worldly goods. Time is short and
every day you are closer to My coming and the renewal of the world.

Therefore I warn you once more, that nothing is more important than to take care of your souls and think of Me, your Lord Jesus, who redeemed you with great suffering and the most Precious Blood, so that you may
remain with Me and obtain life even after death.”

Here the Lord was looking at me and said with great sadness,

“Valentina, My child, go and announce My Holy Words to the people. Whoever will believe and become converted, will receive grace and it will be good for him. For those who don’t believe, it will be bad. I bless you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Thank you, my dear Lord Jesus. Have mercy on us all.