20TH AUGUST, 1999

Today the Holy Father and our Creator said to me, “My daughter, I want you to speak and announce My Holy Words. Tell people that I, your Father, want everybody to come back to Me. Tell them of My mercy and goodness, don’t be afraid. I love you all in such a way, that you have no idea, how I love you. From Me comes only goodness and love. I tell you even Milosevic, who committed so many injustices, will be saved. Tell them, to become converted.”

“Do not be afraid of penance, My children. I am full of mercy and wait for you with open arms, that you may come back to Me, your Father, who loves you so much and have mercy on everyone, even the greatest sinner.
I forgive him, if he asks Me sincerely and is sorry. Do not delay, My children, I want you, as soon as possible, to come back to the Father, who
loves you all so much.”

Thank you, my Father and Creator, for all the mercy and goodness you
grant us.