8th September

The Birthday of the Blessed Virgin

Blessed Mary, most Holy and Virgin Mother came to me this morning and said, “Glory to God and thanks be to the Most High. See My child, today you all celebrate My birthday. God sent Me to this darkness to bring light to the world because people live in the darkness. On this day I was born of St. Anne, My beloved mother. The moment I was born, a radiant light filled the room. My beloved mother, St. Anne, was amazed. She knew I was special, a gift from God.

I tell you My child, the same brilliant light filled the stable where My Son Jesus was born. It was so radiant that the shepherds outside could see it. Their hearts filled with joy and peace. They knew the Saviour of the world was born.

I had come to this world first. God chose Me to be His Son’s Mother. I am as bright as the morning star. I am the purest of all creatures. ‘Totus Pulchra, Totus Puras’, worthy to be the Mother of My Son Jesus. My virginity was intact. I remained pure. I was sent here at My birth and I am sent still today to his dark world full of sin, or impurity, corruption, hate, greed, pride and war.

Have I ever left you? No, My sick children, I never left you. Look at the suffering in East Timor, My poor innocent children, how they suffer. I tell you My children, this is another Kosovo. The slaughter of poor innocent children going to the gibbet to be butchered. For this My children, I beg you, pray, pray, pray unceasingly, so that My Son will come soon to put this sinful world to rightness. He will then establish His Kingdom on earth once and for all with His Divine Mercy and Love so you can all live in a peaceful paradise.”

When the Blessed Mother was telling me all this, She was crying for her children, because we do not obey enough and we do not pray for others and especially for peace. We must change our lives and convert so that we can console Our Blessed Mother and our Lord.