St Patrick’s, Parramatta.

At Holy Communion, I received a part of the large consecrated Host. I thanked Our Lord and said, “I came late to mass because the bus was late. I walked and waited as the next bus was late too. When it finally reached Parramatta, it terminated at Westfield and I hurried and ran to reach the church. Earlier, I had felt like turning back home but continued because it is very important to attend mass.”

I felt very privileged to have received this particular part of the Host. Our Lord smiled and said, “My child, do you think you don’t deserve this after all the struggle you went through to come to me?”

I replied, “Oh, my Lord, how good a God are you. I don’t deserve all this. Your rewards are beautiful. How I love you. Thankyou.”

Our Lord said, “It is the effort that you put to come to me that I reward you, my children.” Our Lord always says, “Do your best and I will help you. Don’t be discouraged when things go wrong but continue and my reward will be great.”