21st November

Feast of the Christ the King

“My child, do not ever think that you were brought here to these people by chance. It is I your Lord that brought you here. It was I who organised all. Remember you are my apostle, I choose you to do my work. Do the best you can. Do the best in your power to help my people, console them, encourage them and pray for them. I love each and every one of them.

My child, why do you always ask if I am there to help? You do not take a single step without Me. When people listen to you and they look in your face, they see My face in yours and they hear My words not yours. Do not ever forget that people around you are there so that you can help and plead for them. Encourage them, always tell them that they are very dear to My Sacred Heart and I love them very much. These people have a great faith in Me.

My children do not lose a single moment. Time is very short. You must help to save many souls. Offer Me everything and everyone because My coming is very, very near; for My Kingdom must be known to all. I bless you all. Be at peace. Your Lord Jesus Christ the King.”

I said, “Come Lord Jesus come into Your Kingdom.” Our Lord Jesus was very joyous when He was telling me this message. Let us adore Him and love Him.