15th December

Today I was praying and thanking the Lord and I felt very happy. I started to sing “Born is the King of Israel, Noel, Noel.” I kept repeating this beautiful song and when I stopped I really heard my heart repeating this song. My Lord, you are the King of Kings, no one is greater than you on earth or above.

Suddenly our Lord Jesus came, smiled and said, “My children of this world, I want you to be a little more patient and persevering in all your trials and continue to pray, build up your faith every day. I know the world is so corrupted and sinful. If you could only see my point of view, you would console me (he looked very sad), for I am so gravely offended. But I tell you, my children, the way I came to you and was born to this world to save you all, so I will come in my splendour and glory for my second coming. My second coming is very near. I will defeat all evil and surprise many. Woe to those who do evil and are non-believers. For this, My faithful children, trust me, trust my beloved Mother, for she works so hard. Please help her to save many souls. Trust in all heaven, for they pray for all of you. In this dark time you
live in, we all love you and will never leave you.

Prepare to greet me pure and holy for my birth in this holy Christmas. Go often to confession, so you will not be tempted by the devil. As you are now preparing for my birth, rejoice, because soon you will rejoice in my second coming in splendour and glory and you will all live in a peaceful paradise. This I promise you.

I bless you all in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.” I replied, “Thank you, my Lord and my God. Have mercy on us all.”

The moment Our Lord stopped talking to me. Blessed Mother most Holy came smiling and said, “My child, you must always thank my Son for speaking to you, and when He gives you a message, you must kneel right down. This means that you highly honour Him when you are in His presence. Thank Him always and love Him for the graces He gives you.”

Blessed Mother also told me to tell people who are very sick to accept the suffering, so they save many souls through their suffering and they are very blessed by our Lord. He helps them.

I concluded by saying, “Thank you, my beautiful Mother and Queen. We love you. Your children!”