31st December, 1999


11.30pm. While praying in my room for peace in the world and asking God the Father, ‘Have mercy on the whole world and grant us peace, harmony and goodwill during the year to come.

Suddenly, a beautiful vision appeared. I could see a beautiful hill with trees, covered with fresh green leaves. A lot of pure white doves suddenly appeared and kept coming and coming, covering the trees. The vision was bright, filled with light. As I admired this beauty I heard a voice which was God the Father.

He said, “My daughter, I heard your prayer and plea for the world, but I am very sad to tell you that from now on there will be no more good wishes for the world. People offend Me too much all over the world and they must come to turn and to change and repent of their evil doings.”
“About the doves which I sent to you, My daughter. They were to cheer you up.”

I had felt initially deep sadness and tears upon hearing this message that I would never forget. Our Heavenly Father made me happier when He explained the vision of the doves.