8th February

After a gathering of a small group in the Botanical Gardens after 10.30am Mass at St. Patrick’s Church, Our Lord asked me to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet on the way home on the train. He said, “My children if you think that today’s gathering was organised by you, think again. It was I your Lord who organised it all. Nothing is by chance or your doing. It is all my work and plan. Today I led you to this garden and you were all happy and joyful. You were all admiring the beautiful view and when you prayed the Holy Rosary, my children, you were all united in thought to Me. People were passing by but it did not worry you. You continued to pray. You all felt in your heart, joy and peace and you all also felt my presence.”

Then I said, “Yes my Lord, we really had a strong feeling of your presence.” Jesus smiled and replied, “I led you under a very old tree and I gave you a very strong feeling that it was the same as when I used to bring my twelve chosen ones, and I taught them and spoke to them away from busy crowds, in solitude, so that they could learn more. When I finished they each went their separate way. Many times I was alone and sad and had nowhere to go. My children it is the same today in this busy and noisy world. I cannot communicate with you my children, you are all distracted by the material things that are around you. For this reason you should meet and gather in prayer in quiet places, away from noise.”

Then He said, “Valentina, Lucia was very interested to hear My word, she absorbed every word you spoke. So now she can tell her people when she returns home to her native land. Tell my children to never doubt Me but to trust Me and love Me for I never leave you. Be at peace with one another. My blessings go with you. Your Lord Jesus.”

I said, “Thank you my Lord for I love you and I thank you on behalf of all your children.”