19 December 2021

The World has Plunged into Darkness and Sin

Today during Holy Mass, after I received Holy Communion, I thanked the Lord for the grace to receive Him. Our Lord appeared, and He said, “Valentina, sadly I have to lament to you, people don’t know the meaning of My Coming to the world. They should accept Me with such love and embrace Me as their Saviour. Instead, they turn their backs on Me. I receive such a cold reception from people.”

“I also want to tell you that the world has really plunged into darkness and sin. You have no idea how bad it is. Accept whatever I send you to console Me,” said our Lord.

I felt so emotional. I went to the Chapel to pray. I said to Blessed Mother, “How can the world reject such a beautiful Jesus? He is so full of love and compassion.”

Blessed Mother said, “Trust My Son. He will always look after you and console you. He loves you so much.”