19 January 2024

These are Decisive Times Given to Us By Our Lord

Today, during the Cenacle Prayers, our Lord Jesus said, “Valentina, My child, I want to tell you that nothing is more important now than prayer and being more spiritual. The material will not save your soul. Only spiritually, when you come close to Me and are united to Me, will you be protected when many catastrophes will hit and envelop the world.”

“Tell people these are decisive times that I offer humanity because the devil tries very hard to harvest and destroy humanity, especially dividing families, causing much chaos with the wars which are killing many people. For now, the devil is succeeding with his aggression because of the wars and the corrupt leaders of the world—telling them evil lies about what to do, to harm people and to kill them.”

“And he is succeeding, but not for long because his reign is very short. He will be defeated soon. My Immaculate Mother will crush his head with Holy Michael, My Warrior, when I give them permission to do so.”

“But, My children, I need your prayers now more than ever. Pray the Holy Rosary, pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and in that way, you pray for the world—for the conversion of sinners and for their repentance so that many will be saved when real things envelop the world. Some will die—not everyone will enter into My Reign of Peace and Glory. People must convert and repent now and not wait until the last moment.”

“Valentina, my child, be at peace. Proclaim My Holy Word to people. Tell them that these are very decisive times given to humanity. Don’t be afraid, for I Am always with you to protect you.”

Comment: When our Lord talks about decisive times being given to humanity, He means you have to decide now—for good or evil. This is a grace given to us now, and it cannot last forever. We have to decide now and take it.

I love You, My Lord Jesus, and I thank You.