21 January 2024

This Church needs Lifting Up

Today, during the Holy Mass, our Lord Jesus said, “Offer Me everyone that you know and that you can think of. Offer them to Me before the Consecration at My Holy Altar. I also want you to offer Me this Church and the congregation here in this Church, which is not the way it should be—it is quite down and needs lifting up. Pray for this.”

So, during the Holy Mass, I did as our Lord asked of me. I offered this Church and the congregation to our Lord so that He will be merciful and that it will improve.

Comment: This also depends on the priest and what they speak about to people, and the way they explain the truth to people, especially in the homily. Our Lord Jesus requires that priests speak the truth and talk about Repentance and Reconciliation before people receive Him in Holy Communion. It also all depends on how people respond. The Church is very much down, and it needs to be raised up. It needs to be lifted up, and this can also be done through prayer, fasting and sacrifices.