21 January 2024

Souls in Purgatory Suffering for Immodest Dress

This morning, the Angel took me to visit some souls in Purgatory.

First, the Angel took me to a part of Purgatory, where I encountered and spoke to many different groups of younger women. Calling and begging me to help them, they said, “Valentina, can you help us? Can you pray for us?”

I asked some of them, “What is the reason for you to be here? What did you do?”

The women answered, “We were wearing fashionable clothing and dressed provocatively—wearing short skirts and dresses. Now, we are punished very much for that. We didn’t know that we offended God so much.”

I said to them, “Fashion is evil. It is not from God.”

“Nobody wrote about that or told us. We thought it was alright, and now that we are here, we cannot help ourselves. We have to suffer,” they lamented.

I said to them, “I did put a message out about how to dress.”

They said, “Yes, but not in the churches and other places. Nobody put it in writing for people to read.”

I said, “That really offends God to show the flesh, especially for the women.”

They said, “We have to be here for a long time. Now we regret it.”

I said, “Blessed Mother always teaches me and tells me to tell people that we should be covered—not above the knees but below the knees and even longer, to cover up our flesh and not to be exposed.”

“It’s also the fault of the churches, as they do not teach people how not to dress—some people dress like they are going to the beach.”

After the Angel and I left the young women, we passed by another group of souls who were looking at us. They were pointing, and I could hear them saying to each other, “That’s the lady. She is the visionary.” The Angel and I looked at each other and smiled.

These souls approached me and said, “Valentina, you are the visionary—can you pray for us?”

“Yes, I will pray for you,” I said.

We left these souls, and the Angel took me to another part of Purgatory, where I had to enter a particular building.

As soon as we entered, I said to the Angel, “My goodness me, I wouldn’t like to be in this part.”

The building was huge, very run down, and neglected—a fearful place. Inside was a huge corridor with many doors. Doors, doors, doors everywhere. I have never seen so many doors, all loose and hanging. I walked through the corridor and tried to see what was behind the doors when I could hear heavy, eerie sounds like howling—the sounds of bad spirits. The tormented souls trapped here are all men.

The Angel came up to me and said, “No! Don’t go further in. It is not for you, and don’t open the door!”

Later that day, at the Holy Mass, I offered to our Lord all the souls we visited, especially those trapped in the building, leaving them at the foot of the Holy Altar.

I said, “Lord Jesus, have mercy on the souls who are behind those closed doors.”

“Lord Jesus, I open all the doors,” I said.

Our Lord said, “See, they were calling to My mercy.”

I couldn’t get over the sounds I heard—like howling and wailing. Nobody prays for them. It was so dark and depressing and eerie. It took me a few days to get over this experience.

This last place I visited in Purgatory was so depressing that I was so glad to return to my room.