Between the evening of August 13 and 14, about 5 o’ clock in the morning, I had a vision of the Blessed Mother Mary who gave me a message, that she heard of slander and malice about our church of St. Rafael. She said, “In your church is darkness, I know you are very sad when people do not listen to you.” They hold a smirk on their faces when you tell them of the holy word and blessed happenings. You are giving them a good example of holiness and they should look upon you as a holy light. She said, “my son Jesus and I are very sad.”

People come to mass, however they do not pray and as they go out of church they are ready to stab each other in the back. They should not judge each other, they will be judged by God. So politely I answered, “People do pray and ask for your help.”

Mother Mary with tears running down her cheeks said “You can count on your fingers how many of these people with true devotion in their hearts for me and my son Jesus. Tell people to convert and clean their hearts. Now is the time to receive graces, to be good to each other and not wait till it is too late. Then I saw Jesus raising His arms to Heaven and then it will be too late. My son is ready for a new period, a new time.

Your reports are all tied together with Medugorje and the secrets of mystery revealed to the children at Medugorje, such as dates, and hours. Only to them, were these secrets given. Mother Mary cries for her children who are wicked, and together we cried as we prayed the rosary. After this she mentioned my homeland, Slovenia. My dear Son holds his arms over your homeland. There will be suffering and scarcity for a short time. People will suffer because they forgot to pray.

You see, my daughter, when times are bad and critical they turn to prayers, but when things get better they forget all about God and prayers. I want to plead with you and others, not to forget the Almighty God, give thanks to Him. Read the Holy Bible which holds the holy word of truth from the beginning of time.

Almighty God selected you to be the guiding light with hope that people will listen to you instead of ignoring you. My Son, Jesus, and I are not happy. I am with you every step of the way when you see the bright light; I will further instruct you when you see me in person.

Mary gave mw her blessing in the name of the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.