Holy Mary appeared to me and said, “My child listen to me, that I see everything with My Holy Eye and I know everything. Be more careful, don’t tell people everything. Don’t trust every person. You think that when you see people coming to church and they pray a lot, don’t think they are all sincere and honest. In the end they carry a lot of evil and jealousy. Learn to offer everything to me and my Son Jesus Christ.

Trust only completely in Us. I know you will suffer a lot. The evil spirit is very cunning and he is going to look at every little thing and will try to destroy the messages that me and my Son are giving you. She said, “Be courageous and pray a lot and trust only in me and my Son who will give you the courage and strength to continue.”

“Receive the Hold Sacrament of Reconciliation very often, that way he cannot destroy and has no power over you.”

Thank you Blessed Mother, my Beloved Mother.