4th March

The Angel of the Lord appeared to me today while I was praying the Holy Rosary and said, “I was sent to you by the Lord to tell you that very soon, in the near future, you people will be deceived by the anti-Christ. He will proclaim he is the son of God the Lord Jesus Christ. He will perform a lot of miracles, consoling people and He will promise them peace. Many people will follow him, even Christians and Catholics. He will speak to people through television and make all kinds of empty promises. You must tell people not to watch because He will hypnotise them if they look at him or speak to him.”

The Angel pointed with His finger up to heaven and He said, “You know that Lord Jesus is in heaven. He will come, but not yet. Tell people to always look up to heaven and trust only in the Lord Jesus and call on Him for help. When all this confusion comes, tell people to follow the anti-christ and not to believe in him, because he will deceive you.”

In the vision the angel showed me everything that will happen. I saw this person, the anti-christ. He was very friendly. A big crowd was following him on the street and he was touching people and consoling them and promising them all good things and he was blessing them.

He looks very much like our Lord Jesus. He was wearing a long white robe and his hair was shoulder length. He was comforting people by telling them that everything would be all right and to trust in him and not to worry because he was now among hem.

Then the Angel continued, “I also warn you people that you will all be persecuted by the Muslims. They too hate Catholics and Christians. They will be very cunning and friendly. They will invite you into their houses and try to give you good hospitality by offering something to eat or drink then they will ask you what religion you believe. As soon as you tell them that you are Catholic or Christian, you will not walk out of the house alive. They will torture you and cut you up into pieces.”

I asked the Angel why Our Lord would permit such a horrible thing to happen to us. The Angel answered me, “you will be all put to the test for your faith. Tell people to pray that Our Lord will give you the grace to go though all this when the time comes.