19TH JULY, 2003

In this morning’s vision I saw four saintly men.

They said, “We come to tell you we are from the Old Testament in the time of King Solomon. You read about us in the Holy Bible. We preached the Holy Word of God to people. We received our teaching from God our Father in Heaven. Some people accepted our word and teaching whilst others rejected us. Prophetic words from God have always come to people since the world began.”

“When people disobey God’s Commandments and worship other gods, He would send punishments till they learn to obey Him and stop offending Him in sin and evil doing.”

“Today is the same, God chose His little prophets to teach them the Love of God and His Commandments, to repent, love and forgive one another.”

“Valentina, do not be silent. Speak the Word and the teachings you receive from Heaven and those who listen and accept the Word are blessed by God. Those who refuse and ridicule, God will condemn. Be grateful for what God chose you to do, you are very blessed.”