19th July, 2004

While praying, I experienced an overwhelming visit. Suddenly, my room was filled with many strange faces. At other times, I feel the presence of souls, but this time they were all visible, men, women and children. Feeling a little shocked, I asked them, “Why are you here? Have you come to get somebody?” They answered that they didn’t come to get anyone but that they were guided by the light, which is angelic, to you because you are the light. When you kneel and pray, the light shines up like a shaft. (Spirits are able to see this light)

I asked, “What do you want me to do? What do you want from me?” They said, “We have come to ask you to help us. See, we are walking and walking, looking for someone to help us.” Again I asked, “How long since you have passed from this life to the next?” They answered, “A century ago.” I said, “This is a long time and you are still not in Heaven?” They replied “That’s why we were guided to you to help us, to get there.”

I promised that I would pray for them and would offer Mass for them. Lord, in your kindness and love, have mercy on the captive souls. Valentina.