1st July

This morning, while praying, Our Lord Jesus spoke, “This coming month, July, is My special month that I choose for you to adore My Precious Blood, which I spilled abundantly during My Passion and Crucifixion and the wound in My side when the soldiers speared Me. The most agonising wound that I received. My merciful heart opened like a river and streamed with water and blood for the whole world and people so that they would be washed and forgiven from their sin. Still today it is washing you from your sin when you ask Me to pour it on you all.”

He smiled and looked at me, “Valentina, do you know that My Precious Blood is so powerful, a drop of it is sufficient for the whole world and you can be purified from all the sin and ugly guilt that you carry in you. If only people would ask Me for My Precious Blood, but you don’t know the value of it. Don’t hesitate to ask Me to cover you with My Precious Blood abundantly. I will pour all over you and protect you from all malicious enemies who constantly surround you.”

Jesus then said, “Now I speak to My beloved Priests and Bishops. I wish you to practise this faith by asking Me to cover you with My Precious Blood. Instead you struggle on your own.” He said, “My daughter, how I wait for them to ask Me to cover them with My Precious Blood to protect them from all adversity that is constantly hanging round them. The enemy just flees away when I sprinkle on My children My Precious Blood. Practise this often and it will always stay on your mind, your lips and your heart and then it will turn into a beautiful prayer and a precious gift to you all. My children, from your loving Lord and God who loves you unceasingly.”

I answered, “Lord, pour your Precious Blood on us and protect us. We love you and we thank you”.

Pray everyday…

May the Precious Blood of the Saviour Jesus Christ protect and keep me.
May the Precious Blood of the Saviour Jesus Christ keep my family safe.
In the Divine love of the Blessed Trinity.