30th June

At home, when praying, Our Beautiful Mother Mary Most Holy appeared. She smiled and spoke, “Glory to God in the highest and peace to the world.”

“My children, again and again I ask you to pray for world peace, but my messages are often ignored and lightly taken in people’s hearts. Your world is not stable. If you think what you hear and read that all is well, it is all false, my children. So sinful is the world, full of satan’s smoke. He wires you all in a trap, like a spider, and controls you.”

Our Blessed Mother was weeping while telling this message, it hurts her very much. (I could feel her pain).

Then she said, “My daughter, look at this country Australia. How it has become atheistic. Because of so many cultures that live in this land, the Government and the society don’t want to offend the different religions, so the start to deny the real God. They push Him away more and more. Remember, my children, that God blessed this country and He was well loved by people in their hearts in the past. Now, it has become like an atheistic country. More and more they deny God.”

She cried and said, “My faithful remnant and my children, why don’t you wake up and see the drought you experience and shortage of water? This coming summer will be a scorching heat and fire. Tell people to pray and to change. Recognise the signs God sends you. Pray and plead to the Almighty God.”

“My children, you must change your sinful pleasures that offend Him so much. People must repent and convert. God sent you this punishment and it is very serious. Tell people that I still cry for my children because they don’t listen to my call and respond. Fear not, my child, but warn people of this great disaster, which is upon you all. I bless you all, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

I felt so sad for Our Beautiful Mother when she cries. Please console her and change. It will heal her grieving Immaculate Heart.

I said, “Thankyou, Beautiful Mother, Full of grace. Pray for us, your children.”