1st December 2012

In church our Lord Jesus spoke to me.

“My child, My churches are attacked by the very evil forces. Within the church it is smeared and dirty. My churches are no longer chaste and holy.”

“Many lies are preached and cover the truth many things are denied.”

“My shepherds are afraid to speak to people about hell and purgatory, which is reality, My children. They are afraid to offend and try not to frighten parishioners unless they become offend and stop attending Mass.”

“My child, how offended I am to see all this. All the truth is covered up. I give you a message and you to give it to the Priest, but each time they refuse to read it. They deny and reject it. They don’t want to be told what I require. It is as if they say ‘don’t bother us!”

“Tell them this. I the Lord, said ‘I will not stop!’ I will send messages and remind them that I am not pleased with what they are doing in My churches, and remind each Priest and Bishop they will have to give an account one day in My Holy Presence.”

“Valentina pray for all these intentions.”