While I was praying in the morning and offering everyone, the poor, the needy and
the sick to our Lord, I was thinking of Jesus as a little infant child.

The Angel and our Lord Jesus appeared, not as a little baby but as an adult. Our Lord
said to me, “Be at peace, My child, pray for peace in this very dangerous time that
you are all going through, especially for peace in the Middle East.”

He said, “It pains My Heart to see how many innocent lives have been taken and
have died in this terrible conflict in Syria. It is very dangerous. Pray because it can
spread further on and endanger other countries.”

“I also want you to pray for the poor and innocent people in the world. Some have
nothing to eat, especially during the Christmas Season, while others have an
abundance of food and they don’t share with others. They are selfish.”

Jesus said, “The cries of the poor suffering children reach all the way up to Heaven, I
can no longer watch this suffering of My poor children. Pray and give them hope
Valentina, for soon I shall change the world for better.”

At that moment, the Angel that was with our Lord spoke to me, “I tell you our Lord
will govern the world before 20 years and He will change everything.”

“It will happen,” he said.

As the Angel said this I saw our Lord outstretch His arms in front of Him and
surrounding Him I saw a lot of people. He said, “I will govern the world I will share
equally to My people. He looked to His right and said, “On My right” and then He
looked to His left and said, “and on My left, no one will be richer or poorer than the
other, I will share between them equally.”

He said, “Whatever I promise it will come very soon. Praise Me and thank Me and
love Me for what I am going to do for My people.”

Our Lord Jesus was dressed in a white tunic and a red mantle. He looked majestic
and victorious.

Come Lord Jesus, come to Your Kingdom. We love You and praise You.