1st March, 2005

St. Pio

St. Pio came to me this morning while I was praying. He said, “Praised be Lord Jesus for ever and ever. Valentina, love Lord Jesus with all your heart and console Him for the world rejects and denies Him. Tell Him you love Him whatever you are doing. All your chores and fatigue offer to Him. Think of His Passion. Let not one day go by without remembering how much He suffered for all humanity, to save and redeem.”

“Now, more than in the past, He is offended gravely. Sin is accepted in all society. There is no sense of shame any more. All of God’s laws are completely ignored. Women’s fashions are so provocative, they offend God so much. Even churches accept everything. Priests keep silent and are afraid to offend people if they speak. They are concerned in case they won’t attend church.”

“All is exposed and shameful. How long can humanity carry on like this? Evil is ruling the world, no doubt about that. People permit all this because they turn away from their true God and prayer.”

He turned to me, “Valentina, do you know when I lived on earth I received a prophecy for what is coming to humanity? A great chastisement, worse than the deluge. These people will not repent and behave better, and since, many disasters already have happened and many will still come.”

“Now it has been more than 40 years since God promised that this chastisement will happen, but only God knows when it will really happen. Don’t believe all you hear. Be always ready and right with God.”

“Pray, pray and repent. Don’t worry for God is loving and merciful. He loves His children. Obey all His laws and you will have nothing to fear. Do not be discouraged. Give people hope. God is with you.”

Thankyou St. Padre Pio, please pray for us.