2 February 2022

There are Many Dangerous Things Ahead of Humanity


While praying my morning prayers, our Lord Jesus came and said, “Valentina, My child, tell people to repent of their sins, to pray and to change their way of life, instead of depending on the injection they receive. I will then take care of the virus, and I will restore everybody to health.”


“Right now, people should be more considerate about the disasters that are happening so often in the world, instead of trying so hard to receive the injection to save themselves. These disasters are everywhere and are very severe, with many people dying in them, and they keep coming unexpectedly, and still, people pretend nothing is happening. They ignore everything.”


He said, “Tell people that I desire for them to come back to Me, their loving God. I want to protect them and to save them.”


“I want to warn you there are many dangerous things ahead of you. Right on the doorstep is the war they are planning. They are preparing the evil war to happen, which would be very unpleasant.”


“I can protect you from this, but it all depends on whether people change and come back to Me and ask Me for My Mercy.”


Our Lord can take away this danger that is upon us, but people refuse to listen.


Lord Jesus have mercy on us and on the whole world.