2 March 2022

I Am in Charge of the Weather

Our Lord said to me, “Did you hear that? They say that the severe flooding [in Australia] is due to La Niña. Tell them to think again. It has nothing to do with La Niña. This is all My doing. I Am in charge of the weather and of Creation, and I shift and permit this to happen. This is to wake up people so that they will turn back to God and say, ‘We must do something to turn back to God because He is trying to show us something through the weather’. At the same time, it causes many problems and grievances; all of this is for good reason. The material you can always replace, but people are dying, and they are without God; they are as dry as anything in their soul. Spiritually they are dead.”

I said, “Lord, it looks like You closed the heavens and let all the water out.”

He said, “All the prophecy, what is foretold must be fulfilled. Tell My children to repent because I Am a merciful God. These are My Signs that I give them throughout the world through the weather. But tell people not to despair with all that you go through because these things are bound to happen. Always trust Me.”

Lord, be merciful to us, for we offend You.