25 February 2022

Cenacle Prayer Group

During the prayer of the Holy Rosary, the Blessed Mother Mary came and said, “My children, I come to remind you and ask you if you would offer this Rosary just for the war which has started in Ukraine.”

“So much suffering and misery for the whole nation. Russia has caused people to live in fear and confusion. There is bloodshed already, and if it continues, many will die, and there will be so much misery.”

“This war was not necessary. Let me remind you that the devil never sleeps but is constantly planning evil. Pray, my children, pray.”

“My heart as a mother grieves so much for my poor children. I want to tell you that the Archangel Michael and his helpers are fighting the evil there right now. But we need your help and offering of many Rosaries to stop this war. Otherwise, this war can easily spread to other nations, and that will be tremendous suffering.”

With a gentle smile and the soft voice of a young girl, she said, “My daughter, I can’t see you. You’re right at the back. Come closer to me so that I can see you when I talk to you.”

I replied, “Blessed Mother, I don’t like to make myself important.”

She said, “It is not that you are important, but I like to see you.”

Blessed Mother would like that I sit near the front closer to her Statue during the Cenacle Prayers.