2 May 2023

Blessed Mother Mary is Highly Honoured in Heaven

In the morning, when I was praying The Angelus, the Blessed Mary Most Holy came and said, “In Heaven, I am very big, but on earth, I am very small. In Heaven, I am showered with beautiful flowers, especially in this month of May but on earth, I am hardly recognised.”

“I still love my children, and I pray for all of them for their salvation.”

In a vision, the Blessed Mother showed me how big and tall in Heaven she is, and I saw her being showered with the most beautiful, colourful flowers. The height that she showed me of herself in Heaven represents how highly honoured she is in Heaven. She is loved and honoured by all Heavenly Saints. On earth, she showed me how tiny she is.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, Queen of the Holy Rosary, Queen of the Month of May, which is her favourite month.