20 April, 2014

Easter Sunday
For three successive days, beginning with Easter Sunday, the day of the Easter Resurrection, until Easter Tuesday, our Lord Jesus continued to appear to me, wearing a brilliant white tunic, and coming out of the tomb as the Resurrected Christ.

With His hands uplifted He swirled around from side to side.  He said, “Tell people I was crucified, died and resurrected and now I am alive. I live.”
He said, “How sad I am for those people, the non-believers, now more than ever in this century. They keep crucifying Me and denying Me. Please, My child, speak to people and tell them that I the Lord Jesus love them all, and I wait for everyone to come to Me before it is too late. Tell them, not to be afraid. I am a gentle and loving God.”

“I am the Way, the Life and the Truth. There is no one else except Me. Speak to them and give them hope.” He said. 

Our Lord is giving us this message to show us how much He loves us, and pleads to us to come back to Him and to save us.

I said, “Lord, have mercy on us.”