6 May 2014

St Patrick’s Church, Sydney
While I was in the church praying, before the commencement of holy Mass, our Lord
appeared to me. He was dressed in a white garment with a red cloak covering one shoulder.
He said, “I want you to write down these words, ‘My Child I want you to bring to Me all the
people that you can think of, the homeless, the dying, the oppressed and the poor. Bring all
of them to Me. Bring especially to Me, all the leaders of this country of Australia. Round up all them together, just like a shepherd rounds up his sheep. ”
“I will help you.” He said smiling.
Suddenly I saw a beautiful vision of our Lord. I could see thousands and thousands of sheep
and lambs. I could see our Lord Jesus standing in the midst of this huge flock. He was the
Shepherd holding His shepherd’s crook.
He said, “Gather them all together and speak to them My true, holy Word, that I am
teaching you. Right now, they are being manipulated by the Devil. He tells them to lie to
Jesus said, “Speak the Truth and tell them that I, the Lord, have said that they come to Me,
and I will help to guide them. Tell them that I love them very much. Tell them to come to
the Truth. They are blinded by lies, which the Devil is feeding them. I want you to
especially, tell the leaders, how much I love them and how much I suffer for them.
I am willing to help them and show them My way. My way is the easiest way.
Do you know, not everybody will listen to you?
Some will accept and some will ridicule these messages. This is because of their pride.
I say to them, ‘Treat my people fairly or you shall be judged.’
Tell them that I watch their every move and whatever they do shall be judged by Me.
Especially when they take advantage of the poor.”
After seeing this vision and hearing our Lord speak, I said, ‘Lord, have mercy on our
Government. ‘
Whatever we build without God will crumble sooner or later. Without God there is no
foundation. Sooner or later it crumbles into nothing.