13 May, 2014

Feast of Our Lady of Fatima
Our Blessed mother appeared to me.  She said, “See my Child, how much confusion there is among the leaders of this country, and among the leaders of the world. They say one thing to the people, but then they do something different. The Evil Spirit leads them to whichever direction he wants them to go. He tells them to lie and to not be truthful to the people. He tells the leaders to confuse the people. He uses the media to place sport and entertainment in front of them so that they have no time to think about their leaders. In this way the leaders conceal the Truth from them.”
In the vision, I saw our Blessed Mother sitting in a pew. The vision came so close to me that I was drawn to hug Her and to console Her. Blessed Mother had lowered Her head, and I could see tears in Her eyes. She was crying. I hugged Her to console Her.
 I asked, “Blessed Mother, why are you crying? Why are you so sad?”
She said, “How much I cry for My lost children. Mothers, instead of teaching their children to know God and to pray, they take them to sports and to entertainment.”
She said, “People are too involved in sport. Whole families are involved in sport. Sport has become important in their lives. This is their god on earth, the god that they worship. Look how much I cry for my lost children. They allow themselves to be lead by the Evil Spirit. They can’t resist the Devil. I have talked to you many times, in my messages, about this matter. My Son and I are very sad to see the people of the world sinking into sport and entertainment.”