27 May, 2014

Little saint John the Apostle
This morning, while I was praying, little Saint John the Apostle appeared to me. He was the youngest of all the apostles.

He was very cheerful and joyous. He said, “I am little John of the Apostles. I am the youngest of all the apostles. Whilst I was alive I loved Jesus so much. But now I am with Him and I love Him even more.”

St John said, “Our Lord Jesus sent me to tell you to be more joyful, and do not worry about the things in this world. You should be very grateful and thankful to Him. Praise Him and love Him. Be happy for all the graces that you receive from Him. You are chosen for our Lord Jesus.”

In my heart I was thinking, “But it is not easy to be joyful and cheerful when so many bad things are happening around us and in the world every day, and all the daily family hardships we have to face every day. That makes us sad and depressed.”

He could read my heart and with a smile he said, “Still remain joyful and trust more in our Lord Jesus. You must understand that He knows everything. Pray to Him and Trust Him, and He will help you.”

Lord we praise You and love You.  
Thank you Lord Jesus. I love and I thank you for all the graces and blessings You have bestowed upon me and upon all of us.