1st June 2014

St Margaret Mary Church on the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord
At that moment, when Holy Communion was about to be distributed, our Lord Jesus appeared to me. He was dressed in a white tunic, and looked very upset and sad. 
He said to me,” Watch My child, how much I am sacrileged during Holy Communion. As the people come to receive Me, they put their hand out like they are receiving a biscuit or a sweet. They do not thank Me. They do not show any remorse or repentance for their sins. They do not examine their conscience.”
Looking at the people lined up to receive Holy Communion, Our Lord said to them, “Go ahead. Put your hand out. Here is your biscuit. Here is your lolly, and now turn around and go. Continue to do this. The day will come when you will know the Truth, and how much you hurt Me and sacrilege Me. You will regret this, and you will be sorry for what you have done to Me.”
Our Lord Jesus, said,” I blame the Church, the Priests and Bishops who allow this to happen.”
After Holy Communion and after the Final Blessing our Lord Jesus said to me, “I want you to remain on your knees and make reparation for all the sacrileges and offences that I have received during this Holy Communion. I want you to console Me.”
Our Lord Jesus always says, “Ask Me to be merciful to the people, for all the unworthy Holy Communions they receive, and by which they gravely offend Me.”
Our Lord Jesus was very upset. I asked Him to be merciful to all of us here. I thanked Him on behalf of myself, and on behalf of all the people that never thank Him.
Lord Jesus, have mercy on us.