7 June, 2014

In the morning while I was praying, all of a sudden my room was filled to overflowing with beautiful white doves. They were much bigger in size than normal doves. I initially thought, due to their size, that they were ducks. But no, they were doves. One of the doves was much bigger than the others. There were so many of them. They were so beautiful.
Since there were so many of them, I said to our Lord, “Oh my Lord are you going to spread them throughout the whole country?”
Then I remembered that the next day was the Feast of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost Sunday.
 Our Lord Jesus said to me, “This is shown to you; so that you can see that the Holy Spirit is really working everywhere. It also means that today you will have a lovely day, a good day, and a very peaceful day.”
The Holy Spirit gives us peace in our families and in whatever we do.
 It was true. Today I had a very, very joyful day. I went to my prayer group and I shared this vision with my friends who were joyful and happy to hear this.
This morning, when our Lord appeared to me, He was very joyful, while telling me that the Holy Spirit would soon come to the world.
 He said, “The Holy Spirit will purify the world very soon. Tell people to pray to the Holy Spirit, because soon I will send the Holy Spirit all over the world to renew every heart and to purify the world.  I will cleanse the world.”
I understood this to mean that He would also purify and cleanse our hearts.
I said, “Oh Lord but You always tell us that You are coming.”
He replied, “Sooner than you think.”
Let us hope and pray that our Lord really sends the Holy Spirit soon. We really do need it.