8 June, 2014

Pentecost Sunday, St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta
This morning, when I was preparing for church, and while I was praying to Our Lord Jesus, I had already decided that I would go to Holy Mass to my local church St Margaret Mary at Merrylands, and then our Lord appeared to me.
  He said, “My Child, today I want you to go to St Patrick’s Church in Parramatta. I want you to offer me all the people there.  This is the reason why I want you there. I want you pray for Bishop Anthony, and I want you to tell him that I have a message for him.  I know he is under much pressure and stress from the work that he has to do. Tell him to invoke, very often, the Holy Spirit, and I will help him and guide him. Through the Holy Spirit, he will be guided and he will receive strength to decide whatever he has to do.”
Our Lord asked me, “Will you do this for me?”
‘Yes, my Lord, I will do that for you.’  I replied.
Our Lord Jesus then said, “Also, pray for him.  Pray for all priests and bishops from all over the world.”
I said, ‘Thank you Lord. Be merciful to all of us.’
Later that morning, as our Lord Jesus requested of me, I attended the celebration of Holy Mass for the Feast of Pentecost at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Parramatta.
After the blessings, at the end of Holy Mass, I greeted Bishop Anthony and I said, ‘Bishop Anthony I have received a special message for you from our Lord.’
He was so happy. I told him exactly what our Lord had said to me, that He wanted me to come to Parramatta for Holy Mass, and offer up everyone there, and also to give Him the message which was entrusted for him. He was very, very happy to receive it.
The Bishop said, “Please pray for me so that our Lord Jesus will guide me.”
Thank you Lord Jesus.