22 June, 2014

Feast Day of Corpus Christi
This morning while I was saying my prayers, our Lord Jesus appeared to me and said, “Peace, be with you My child. I want you to write this message and warn the people of the danger that is coming upon all of you. Your world is not in peace, neither is it stable as you may think so. Soon you will all experience and know that I your Lord Jesus speak the Truth. There will be a terrible conflict and miseries everywhere in the world. First it will start in Italy. There will be a recession and the economy will crash badly. Then slowly it will spread everywhere.”
As He was looking at me, He said, “Do you know My child, that I blessed this country Australia abundantly, and it is a very lucky country.”
 “Indeed I blessed it.” He said
Then He took me in spirit, and showed me all the supermarkets in Australia, with all the abundant food in their stores.
As we were standing in the supermarket, our Lord Jesus said, “People never thank me. They take everything for granted. They show no gratitude at all. My child, take a good look at all of this, that I am showing you. Soon, all these shelves will be empty, and there will be a shortage of food. This will slowly lead to famine.”
He also said, “There is something else that I want to tell you. Your electronic devices will soon be broken. Then this country will be in chaos. The only way that they will be able to communicate will be through Hong Kong. There is another thing I want to warn you about. It is the impending danger coming from Iraq. Secretly, they are planning a war, and that war can lead to a third world war.”
He shook His Head and said, “So much misery and Evil that it breaks My Heart to watch all of this. My Children, pray, pray, this is the only solution.  Pray, pray, these are very serious and dangerous times that you are living in.”
Lord Jesus be merciful to us and protect us.