23 June 2014


In the morning while I was saying my morning prayers, an angel appeared to me.
He said, “I was sent by our Lord Jesus, to tell you how much the world has become materialistic and greedy. You do not know who to trust? Everyone tries to cheat on one another. So greedy are the people of the world with their money and their possessions.”
The Angel said, “You don’t know who is cheating on whom, and who is telling the truth. Everyone is for power and money, and how to become rich and successful. Even the medical doctors and specialists have no heart and compassion for poor and helpless people. They steal by overcharging people for their services.”
Looking very sad, the Angel said, “So sad is the world now. Our Lord Jesus can no longer watch all of this cheating and fraud. But the day will come when they will have to give an account of all their wrongdoings to our Lord. Instead of being spiritual and compassionate they have become greedy and corrupt.”