20 March 2024

Teaching On Doing Good Deeds for Others

During my prayers at home, Lord Jesus came and said, “My children, do not ever be weary and tired of helping others or giving alms for those less fortunate and poorer than you are. Whatever you do and whatever help you give to others, it is like you are giving it to Me, and your reward in Heaven will be great.”

“My children, just think how much I give back to you already here on earth. I died for all of you so that you can have life in fullness. I consumed Myself to the point of being crucified.”

Then He pointed to His Sacred Heart and said, “But don’t blame Me for it, that I didn’t do enough for you.”

“Still, I never abandon you. Daily, I protect you from the invisible attacks of the evil that tries to harm you, but I receive so little gratitude in return. If you only understood God’s love, you would never stop thanking Me.”

Then, in a very emotional tone, He said, “You always think that you do too much for Me. How many times I Am in tears to see My children so ungrateful. There is so much misery in the world that shouldn’t be. But sinful pride does not allow people to do good deeds to one another.”

“Indeed, don’t be like the Pharisees, who tell everybody of the good deeds they had done for others. In their vanity, they like to praise themselves and to be praised by others, and they are very proud of that. Nothing has changed in the world.”

“But your good deeds, you don’t do for others but for Me alone, and they follow you to Heaven.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for teaching us that by doing good deeds for others, we are doing them for You alone.